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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the land price for industrial areas in Pahang?
A: Land price differs based on the industrial areas. Refer to the industrial areas below for land price:

  1. Gebeng Industrial Estate
  2. Bentong 2B Industrial Estate
  3. Tanjung Agas Oil & Gas and Maritime Industrial Park
  4. Kechau Tui Industrial Estate
  5. Rompin Industrial Estate
  6. Peramu Industrial Estate
  7. Pahang Technology Park (Gambang)
  8. Temerloh Industrial Estate
  9. Bentong 2A Industrial Estate
  10. Muadzam Shah Industrial Estate

Note: The listed rate for all Industrial land is negotiable based on further clarification and considerations by PKNP management.

Q: What is the procedure to apply for industrial land in Pahang?
A: The purchaser or investor may apply for industrial land by issuing a “Letter of Intent” to PKNP to express interest to purchase the industrial land. PKNP will then advise the potential purchaser or investor on the way forward.
Q: What is the existing infrastructure and facilities available at the industrial areas?
A: The industrial areas in Pahang are equipped with infrastructure and facilities to suit many types of businesses. Among the ready infrastructure and facilities include:
  1. Power and water supply
  2. Port Services (for industrial areas near Kuantan Port)
  3. Centralised Utilities Facilities (CUF) 
  4. Telecommunications facilities 
  5. Transportation systems
  6. And many more.
Q: What are the incentives given by the Government to investors in Pahang?
A: Among the incentives that investors in Pahang can enjoy include:
  1. Pioneer Status
  2. Investment Tax Allowances
  3. Reinvestment Allowances
  4. Infrastructure Allowances
  5. Exemptions from Tax Duty
Investors will need to apply for the incentives through organisations like the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)  and the East Coast Economic Region (ECER). PKNP as the one-stop-agency for investors in Pahang is always ready to assist investors to follow through the applications.
Q: What is the status of the industrial lands in Pahang?
A: Currently, the lands belong to the State Government of Pahang. PKNP as the beneficial owner for industrial lands in Pahang has the authority to deal directly with investors.
Q: What types of approvals are needed to purchase the lands?
A: PKNP as the one-stop-agency for the manufacturing industry in Pahang will assist investors to get all the approvals needed such as the Department of Environment (DOE), the Local Authorities and other related agencies before commencement. 
Q: How is the labour supply situation in Pahang?
A: Skilled and knowledge workforce in Pahang is abundance. There are several institutions in Pahang which provide ample supply of labour such as:
The Pahang Labour Department provides a platform for all employers to meet their potential employee through various activities such as Career Day, Jobs Interviews, or even via portal at
Q: How is the telecommunications infrastructure in Pahang?
A: Telecommunications network in Pahang has undergone tremendous upgrades which will satisfy investors to Pahang. Telecommunications services in Pahang are mainly provided by Telekom Malaysia (TM), another Government-linked company. It provides ranges of services from ISDN, Digital Line, MAYPC, Internet HSDPA, Video Conferencing and Broadband Services.

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