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Aquasis Holdings (M) Bhd

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Aquasis Holdings (M) Bhd (Aquasis Holdings), formerly known as Aquasis Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd, was incorporated in 26 July 1990 in Johor Baharu. The company started as a mechanical contractor for the petroleum and gas industry. At the same time, it acted as a sub-contractor to a few international companies namely CHIODA, Nippon and JGC. In 1994, Aquasis Holdings was granted the license by Petronas to operate an entire package of integrated maintenance of its petroleum, gas and petrochemical plants.

Today, Aquasis Holdings focuses on catalyst loading and unloading as its main activity based on its 20 years of experience in the field.

Investment Principles
Everything depends on investment choices and options. Firstly, I have to evaluate the elements of opportunity. In deciding for my investment, I always look at whether or not the opportunity is higher than capability. Also, I look at whether or not I have the maturity to evaluate the opportunity. Normally, as an entrepreneur, I would regard the opportunity as the stepping stone to become more successful and gradually become more experienced in the competitive environment and development, thus allowing me to plan for future projects.

Pn Mimi Rahmah, Executive Chairman, Aquasis Holdings (M) Bhd

Pn Mimi Rahmah
Executive Chairman, Aquasis Holdings (M) Bhd

My principles are very simple. Firstly - never give up. Always “get up on your own feet whenever you fall”. If you do not give up, you will have higher chances to become successful. Secondly, which is nonetheless the key to becoming successful, is that I always believe that my “failure is a delayed success”. I may fail now, but if I am persistent, I might become successful in the future.

Why Pahang?
Firstly, the industry which I am very good at exists in Pahang, with PKNP’s support, of course. Secondly, I was born in Pahang and being a local with a local company has its own advantages. I am proud of my place of birth and because my patriotic spirit is very high, I moved my plant from Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru to temporarily in Kerteh, Terengganu and then finally to Gebeng, Kuantan.
The resources here in Gebeng are plenty although in the early stages we had to outsource from outside of Gebeng. As the area developed, more and more skilled resources have become readily available especially with the emergence of more localised training centres such as the VMP, Polytechnics, PSDC, SIRIM, ILP – which supply practical students whom can then be absorbed directly into the industry due their experience in the field of work during their internship.
How has PKNP helped Aquasis Holdings?
PKNP has helped by giving us a very strategic location, plus an easy payment scheme on our 3rd land purchase. It is a strategic location in relations to a good networking environment that it invites more businesses. All these have reduced our marketing costs tremendously.
And because we are located within a petroleum-based complex (cluster), and being one of the pioneers here, it has helped us secured a host of clients because they would normally look for the nearest suppliers possible, before they start looking outside of Gebeng. Since Aquasis Holdings is very close to their location, we have been able to provide for their needs in a very good record time. When a client is very happy, it would escalate good words about us to the other players and this has increased opportunities for Aquasis Holdings to strengthen its position here in Gebeng.

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